Tea is the most popular drink consumed in the world.

Tea is the most popular drink consumed in the world.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, stands as one of the largest quality tea producers in the world since 1867. The humidity, cool temperature and rainfall of the central highlands provide a best climate for production of high quality Ceylon tea.


LONDON TEA EXCHANGE KEFRO (PVT) LTD, is a small medium scale business entity offering high-quality value added tea for the export market since 2016.

We provide total solutions to our customers from designs to the end product. Presently, we deliver an extensive range of products to a number of private-label brands throughout the world.

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Discover Ceylon Tea World of exquisite flavor, crafted from the heart of Sri Lanka’s lush gardens, where tradition and quality converge.

Embark on a journey of exquisite flavors with Ceylon Tea, where tradition meets taste in every sip. Nestled in the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, our Ceylon Tea is a symphony of rich heritage and unparalleled quality. Blessed by a unique climate, each leaf is a testament to the art of tea cultivation, offering an enchanting blend of robust flavor and aromatic bliss. Indulge in this timeless classic, where every sip is a celebration of purity, and discover why Ceylon Tea is revered by connoisseurs and tea lovers around the world.


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Innovation is the key to success

Experience the epitome of excellence with our “Quality for the Best” tea selection. Each blend in this range is crafted from the finest, handpicked leaves, ensuring a tea experience that is unmatched in flavor, aroma, and quality. These teas are the result of a meticulous selection process, designed for those who accept nothing but the best. Enjoy a luxurious tea drinking experience that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to superior quality and the highest standards in tea production.

At LONDON TEA EXCHANGE KEFRO we strive to continuously improve the quality of our products through R & D processes carried out in-house. Whether it’s being a value added product or bulk. Our prime goal  is to ensure that our products are made mostly using recyclable and environmentally  friendly materials. Most of our products are designed in a way that the package can be reused as well as made from recyclable raw materials to be environmentally friendly.

Organic Tea

Savor the purity of nature with our Organic Tea collection. Cultivated in pristine environments without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, our teas offer a natural, unadulterated taste and aroma, embodying the essence of health and wellness.

Best Quality

Experience excellence in every sip with our Best Quality teas. Selected for their superior flavor, aroma, and leaf quality, these teas represent the pinnacle of our craft, ensuring a luxurious and satisfying tea experience every time.

Local Taste

Discover the unique flavors of the region with our Local Taste selection. These teas are crafted to capture the distinct characteristics and traditions of their origins, offering an authentic and culturally rich tea-drinking experience.

Fresh & Healing:

Indulge in the Rejuvenating Power of our Fresh & Healing teas. Carefully selected for their therapeutic properties, these teas blend freshness and health, providing a soothing, invigorating beverage perfect for nurturing the body and mind.



where since 2016, we’ve been crafting exceptional tea blends for the discerning palate. Specializing in both quality and innovation, our blends such as Precious Pomegranate, Lavish Lavender Peach, and Finest Ceylon Chai, are a testament to our passion for excellence. Explore our unique selections, including Tropical Breeze, Brilliant Berries, and more, each a perfect fusion of flavor and aroma, designed to transport you to a world of luxurious tea experiences. Join us in savoring the extraordinary in every cup!



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